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Let us inspire you with our great range of products. Let us inspire you with our great range of products.
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Let us inspire you with our great range of products.

We put passion, heart and soul into our kitchens. We put passion, heart and soul into our kitchens.
About us

We put passion, heart and soul into our kitchens.

The right kitchen for every need. The right kitchen for every need.
Kitchen world

The right kitchen for every need.

We create living kitchens – because we know that a good kitchen must meet the needs of your lifestyle. That’s why we plan our kitchens to suit to your life and the space you live in.

About us


Small, practical but with a touch of luxury

Max’s (27) apartment is quite small. Storage space, easy-care surfaces and a cool look are important to him. Enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning at the in-built counter or sharing a beer with a mate after work – that’s the kind of luxury Max thinks he deserves.


Old building

Harmonious, atmospheric but nonetheless spontaneous

Paula (29) is moving into an apartment in an old building. She wants to preserve the proportions and also make use of the room’s height and spaciousness. That’s why Paula opts for extra high wall cabinets and a two-part kitchen layout with an attached kitchen island where she can entertain surprise visitors. The skilfully placed atmospheric light sources create a feel-good atmosphere.


Rental unit

Ergonomic, with storage space but still comfortable

Ben (30) and Lisa (26) rent an apartment. They are thinking about starting a family and are planning a small kitchen with maximum storage space and perfect work surfaces. The right lighting and a small attached kitchen table make their new kitchen the central living area.


Semi-detached house

Easy to clean, childproof but still vibrant

Alice (35) is renting a semi-detached house for herself and her two-year-old daughter Sophie. She wants her kitchen to be a place where she can socialise with her large circle of friends and welcome the neighbours’ children and spoil them with homemade lemonade and cupcakes. To make sure that there is plenty of time in Alice’s busy schedule for Sophie and the gang of rascals, she is above all looking for smooth work flows, plenty of work surface and lots of storage space. She opts for doors without handles, which are very easy to clean as well as childproof.


Country house

Efficient, spacious but still compact

What Anna (68) and Piet (75) were looking for when they moved to the country was nature and solid surroundings. During harvest time, when their kitchen turns into a jam factory, efficient and convenient workflows as well as storage space and good lighting is important: maximum comfort in a small space.



simple and straightforward

We have a well-structured product range that can be tailored to your needs.


You will have your kitchen within 2 to 3 weeks – or in 5 working days for a surcharge!


Our kitchens are based on the minimax principle: maximum equipment, minimal prices.

colour scheme

You can create your own personal look with our front panel colours and styles, which can be combined any way you like.

measurement system

We customise your kitchen to suit the amount of space you have.

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